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Elections, change and taking matters into our own hands

It’s Election Day today. And when all the counting and talking and dealing is done, we’ll have a new(ish) government who’ll have a new set of ideas about how the country should be run.

But in the meantime, we’ll keep on working and going about our lives, the world will keep on turning, and for communities and non-profit organisations (such as VANEL) we’ll still be looking to solve the same issues and provide the same sorts of support for a while yet.

So really it still seems that it’s up to us to decide how to support our local communities – rather than waiting for government on high to come up with ideas.

And in thinking that I’ve just been reading an open letter from Stuart Etherington (Chief Executive, NCVO) which explores this exact issue and proposes that we (the non-profit and community sector) take the issues into our own hands and decide our own future and destiny.

You can read his letter here (and as .pdf here).

So tomorrow is another day, and hopefully tomorrow I (and you) will still be doing something that’s helpful to our communities.

Election day is just marking a change for now. There will be another one along soon!