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Starting up Facebook Workplace

We’ve dipped our first toes in the water this week with the new Facebook Workplace. A private, group based, Facebook provided online space which we’re going to use as our company staff communication tool.

Up to now we’ve been using private, P2/O2 themed WordPress sites that I’ve built and managed for the past few years, but which have seen reducing connections with staff as our workforce evolves.

There have always been other options – Yammer and Slack being two more specific one’s I’ve played with. But this new Facebook product seems to be the closest to what we need.

So after it being launched in the UK, I requested our site and it’s now live and operational. First staff on board and first conversations taking place. We’ll see how it proceeds…


Personally I’m quite a hater of Facebook and the negative influence it has on society, but after investigation, this – quite separate – tool seems to have the right approach for what we need. There are some challenges – no way to embed a Google calendar or create ‘pages’ of information for example, but the positive benefits of me not having to build or maintain the staff website specifically will hopefully outway the niggles. Anyway, watch this space for further feedback and progress as we play with the new tool.