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Keeping an eye on a cruise ship

Sometimes just being able to do certain things in 2018 seems remarkable.

So, the parents-in-law are off on a cruise this week, and after a few clicks on a website I get this view of one small part of the world bristling with ships going about their business. And in amongst there is the cruise ship they’re on.

Not sure which bits about this are so remarkable. The fact that a ship can be tracked at all. Or that this information is publicly available, so quickly, so easily, so cheaply. Or a reminder of the scale of activity that is out there at any one time (here it’s shipping, but it could be air traffic, road traffic, rail traffic or so much more). Or the fact that we can take this for granted and just get to assume that accessing this sky high view of our world is now normal. Wow.

Anyway – enjoy the cruise. And everyone else on all those ships on this image – have a safe trip.