I’m curious. I’m interested in how the world works. I have a scientific as well a computer science engineering background and that makes me want to work out how things happen. A large part of my more recent career has been helping to change things. I help people to learn and change themselves. I help them to improve, develop and change their organisations. I try and support people, organisations, networks and structures that have a chance of changing our communities and our societies. Even way back when I was developing software solutions and projects, that too was about making things change. Staying still and going with the status quo feels like a dead-end to me.

So this blog is where I share my thoughts, opinions and ideas around the theme of change. Our world and universe is amazing. Life itself – our life – is special and amazing too. Humankind’s capabilities are boundless – yet strangely bound and limited at the same time. Change is hard. It doesn’t happen without a struggle or an effort. So most people and most organisations don’t even try to change. And that’s a shame.

Life is too short to make the same mistakes twice, and with the advent of the internet we now live in an unparalleled world of knowledge and possibilities. The excuses for not being amazing have been removed – yet the excuses still happen.

Kalpa – an ancient Sanskrit word – signifies to me an age, an aeon, an epoch, longevity, something great and worthwhile. It’s about long term thinking – not just short term solutions. To me it’s about great things, great thinking, leading by example, being innovative or aspirational, doing the work and more.

So I’ll share things and ideas I like and think are worthwhile. I’ll share the work I’m doing that I think matters. And I’ll share my opinions on a range of topics from technology to social engineering, cosmology to quantum biology, architecture and urban planning to art and culture, authenticy, future thinking and whatever else takes my fancy. It’s all my own opinions and ideas and largely written for myself. I don’t do a diary or journal, but I do have things occur that I want to talk about. Maybe occasionally something I write will be of interest to someone else…

Think big. Be the change you want to see in the world.