Going green by using less fossil fuel. Are we moving in the right direction?

In 2015 23% of the electricity in the UK was generated from coal. In 2016 this was down to 6%. Twelve months ago, on 21st April 2017, for the first time since the Industrial Revolution (135 years), 24 hours passed with no coal being used to produce electricity in the UK. Apparently this April we managed 3 days with no coal! Coal fired power is thankfully on the way out.

It’s a worldwide trend too. Costa Rica last used fossil fuels in June 2016. Iceland runs from 100% renewable sources, and Sweden is also 100% fossil-fuel free. Italy is not there yet but aims to be coal free by 2025.

Smaller scale, but important – last year my web hosting company went 100% into green electricity. So it’s possible for smaller companies to lower their fossil fuel use too.

And bang up to date, Apple have recently announced that they are now using green energy across their entire (and not insubstantial) business empire.

It’s all part of a huge environmental picture, but these important elements in the removal of reliance on fossil fuels can only be positive and moving us in the right direction.

The Earth says thank you.