December “View from the Top”

Very pleased to have today published the latest issue of my “View from the Top” e-newsletter about governance, trusteeship and sector leadership.  Has become a monthly challenge to come up with new and unique article ideas to stir the fires of Good/Better Governance in the charity sector whilst not just rehashing news and ideas from elsewhere.  Low readership at the moment, but hopes of “if you build it, they will come”.  Would like to grow quality contributions from others so I’m not the only ‘voice’ in the newsletter. It’s my experiment in finding unfunded ways to change sector governance for the good.  Now on edition 7. Can I keep it going throughout 2017? …

“The View from the Top”

“The View from the Top” is my newish e-bulletin dealing with governance and trustees matters which now goes out every few months to trustees and committee members across our patch. More and more it was getting hard to get trustees (who are all volunteers) to attend networking and support meetings in person, but I needed a way to share information, news and advice with them. “The View from the Top” was born.

The first issue went out in October 2015 and there was a return of positive feedback, so I’m really pleased that I’ve managed to pull together another edition (for January 2016) which has just gone out. It’s an exclusive support tool to VANEL member organisations, their boards, committees and trustees, and I’m hoping I’ll keep being able to publish this regularly. Another big thumbs up for Mailchimp as always in making this easier to manage.

It also amazes me when I start researching the newsletter, just how many important reports, pieces of research and news and other interesting subjects there are circulating out there – each of which I’m genuinely concerned that trustees of smaller charities and organisations are missing out on. “The View from the Top” is my latest approach to sharing this knowledge.