Mile Oak Farm

At the end of Mile Oak Road just after the waterworks stands Mile Oak Farm looking considerably different from those days of long ago.  Many of us will remember Mr & Mrs Cross who ran the farm for 47 years from the 1940’s and it is now run by their son David and his wife Julia.

Howard Cross passed away on 23rd December 2011.
02.08.1920 - 23.12.2011
MILE OAK FARM 1997 – greatly enlarged since the days when many of us used to visit.  The chicken house is now the farm shop, the yard where the cows used to congregate, and we used to stand at the gate and watch, prior to milking in now covered.
Canadian Massey-Harris combine harvester with 12’0” cut purchased in 1944 and used on the farm for many years.
Mile Oak Farm 1958
Map showing an area of Mile Oak that most of us will remember. The map shows the farm, waterworks, reservoir, dew ponds etc.


Exterior of what used to be the milking sheds, entered by the green door.  Tall building at the end was the hay loft and area used for rearing calves.
Modern farming with an eight furrow plough