Mile Oak

Map 1937


Layout as attached to the Title Deeds of the Paddocks Estate at Portslade in the County of Sussex dated 1934

You will note that the upper end of Stanley Avenue and Chrisdory Road were not shown on this map..

The stables are where the shops now stand.

We believe that the ground that Chrisdory Road and the upper end of Stanley Avenue were built on belonged to Mr. Painter

and was known as the Kennels. Hence the reason it is not shown on this map.

 It is understood that Chrisdory Road was named after Mr. Painters children – Christopher and 

Chrisdory Road was briefly known as The Kennels

Aerial view of Mile Oak and Portslade

Further enlarged sections:

Rifle Range

Rifle Range 1946 – concrete target now filled in

Mile Oak

Mile Oak 1946

Mile Oak Farm

Mile Oak Barn, Mile Oak Farm and the Waterworks.  The farm now incorporates many more buildings and the elegant building of the waterworks has been demolished and replaced by a modern uninspired building.

New England Farm

New England Farm 1946 – long since disappeared

New Barn Farm

New Barn Farm – still exists and is accessible by driving up past Foredown Tower.

Broomfields Farm

Broomfields Farm and the Girls School 1946 – the girls school is now Portslade Community College and the farm has long gone and been replaced by housing.

Industrial School

Industrial School 1946 – now demolished and replaced by housing, The two houses either side of the entrance gates still exist. Brasslands Drive and Mile Oak Road are shown.

Old Village

Portslade Old Village 1946


Southwick 1946