The Waterworks

Mile Oak. 1900 – 1961

The Waterworks was constructed in 1900 by Brighton Corporation and at that time its only neighbours were two cottages that are now Mile Oak Farm. During the 1940’s and 1950’s Mr Tom Puttock was the superintendent and he lived in a spacious house adjoining the Waterworks.

Many of you may remember Mr Tom Puttock

The Waterworks has two Fleming and Ferguson 130hp triple compound steam pumping engines and three coal fired boilers. It was replaced in 1961 by a smaller building with electric pumps.

View from Southwick Hill showing the Waterworks in the centre with Cockroost Hill covered in gorse and bushes in the distance.
The exterior of the elegant building that was the Waterworks.  Photograph about 1910
The Waterworks in the centre, with Mile Oak Farm to the left. The farm was run by Mr & Mrs Howard Cross whom many of you will remember and is now run by their son David and his wife Julia.
Photograph of the main pump room showing the two Fleming & Ferguson 130 h.p triple compound expansion Karina type steam pumping engines’
These engines were kept in immaculate condition and highly polished. The room was enhanced with palm trees.
Waterworks on the left with the reservoir on the skyline.

1961 – the present day

These pictures relate to the modern pumping station and show excavations for new well headings and the interior of the current pumping station (not a patch on the elegance of the original)

These pictures are from a 1965 publication –
‘Your Water Supply’
Brighton Corporation Water Department.

The current pumping station is fitted with submersible pumps fitted at the bottom of the well shafts.