Mayors Parlour

Part of the 2008 reunion included a visit to the Mayors Parlour on 28th July 2008. All photographs on this page courtesy Tony Mould –¬†

Everyone together

Who’s who in the photo above?

Left Section

Back row
Richard Bragg
Paddy Cother
Bruce Crowe
Mrs Evans
Brenda Christmas
Tony Drury 

Middle row
Sylvia Denman
John Cother
Julia Christmas
David Scott
Pauline Earle

Front Row
David Fish
Mrs Fish
Peter May
David Elliott


Deputy Mayor
Mayors Wife

Right Section

Back row
Derek Marks
Wendy Greenyer
Bonny Cother
Jennifer Drury

Middle Row
Anne Elliott
Howard Cross
Mrs Cross
Mary Elliott
Diane Christmas

Front row
Neil Evans
Alan Lyons
Peter Mays partner
Mrs Alan Lyons