Memories: People

Many faces from the past…

David, Derek and Grandma Fish

The Fish Family -Mum (Ivy), Dad (Charles), twins David and Derek (about 15 years old) and the youngest Roger.

Derek with friend Ray Lappard

Mrs Emerson and Mrs Chandler

Pat Bunting and Jean Hawkins

Father Christmas (Mr Ward) and the Indian (Fred Patching) appear once again this time with Pat Bunting in their midst.

Pat Bunting with Martin Journeaux

Pat Bunting aged 9 and Wendy Greenyer at Wades

Guess who!

Clockwise from the left – Pat Bunting, father Mr Bunting, Mrs Scott, Mrs Bunting and the rear view of Mrs Figgings

Jean Hawkins and Pat Bunting on a plinth in St.Leonards

Jean Hawkins, Sheila Truman, & Susan Farr

Mr & Mrs Awcock outside their bungalow in Chrisdory Road

Diana Tomkins & Jean Hawkins

These photographs were provided by David Fish – if you have any old photographs to include in this web site please either post or e-mail them.

David Fish holding Susanne Fish

Susanne Fish riding her tricycle

Michael Greenfield (cowboy) with Roger Fish

David Fish with their cat

Derek, Roger and David Fish in their innocent youth in their garden in Beechers Road.

Derek and David Fish attempting gardening

How good is your memory? Who are they?

The person who sent this says that it is the only picture she has of her when she was young – Who is it??

Taken on the steps of a bungalow in Chrisdory Road

This old motorbike was in a meadow just past the wooden bungalow near the waterworks.

Do you recognise the faces in this picture.

A birthday party.