Reunion 2008 photographs

Organizers – David Elliott, Bonny Cother, Mary Elliott, Pat Bunting
Photo Tony Mould –
Pam Briant, John Cother, Bonny Cother
Photo Tony Mould –
Valerie Banfield, Lesley Elliott, Carol Banfield, David Elliott, Bonny Cother Photo Tony Mould –
Michael Greenfield, Diane Christmas, Neil Evans, Norma Greenfield, Julie Christmas on walk to farm Photo Tony Mould –
Back row – Mr Crowe, Les Hamilton, David Scott, Pauline Earle Seated – Sylvia Denman, Brenda Christmas, Diane Christmas, Paddy Cother, Julie Christmas, Bonny Cother. Photo Tony Mould –
Val Robbins, Diane Christmas, Margaret Greenfield, John Briant Photo Tony Mould –
Valerie Aldam, Lynda Cheal, Susan Aldam Photo Tony Mould –
Joy Ward, Mrs Hancock, Rod Hancock Photo Tony Mould –
Pauline Earle, David Scott, Don Kane and Mrs Cane, Anne Elliott, Bonny Cother, Peter May and Partner Photo Tony Mould –
Back Row – Pat Bunting, David Elliott, Mary Elliott, Anne Elliott, Pam Briant Front Row – Wendy Greenyer, Derek Marks, John Marks Photo Tony Mould –

Valerie Aldham
Linda Cheal
Valerie Robins
Susan Aldham

In front of the Mile Oak Inn

The Kane family

Pat, George (Tinker),

Donald and Pat – both Don and George have wives named Pat,

Part of the unruly crowd out side the Mile Oak Inn

Jean Curcher with friend at Mile Oak Farm

Left to right

Father Peter Clegg

David Cross

Mary Elliott

Gloria Curcher

Anne Elliott

Pat Bunting

In the Church of the Good Shepherd

27th July 2008

From left to right  

Anne Elliott

Mrs Cross

David Cross

Howard Cross

Pat Bunting

Mary Elliott

A feast at  Mile Oak Farm

A ragged bunch

Neil Evans, David Scott, John Cother, Les Hamilton, Michael Greenfield.

Mary Elliott and Brian Rowlands in conference

David and Anne Fish, Alan and Shirley Lyon perusing photographs and participating of liquid refreshment an the Mile Oak Inn

The start of two glorious days of sunshine

Studying photographs of the past

Mary  Elliott, Pat Bunting and Mrs Harbour, now 98 years old, one of the original inhabitants of Mile Oak

A crowd of old friends at Mile Oak Farm taking morning coffee and enjoying a friendly chat.