A great community spirit at Etton pond today. Weather was good and lots of villagers turned out to help with manual tidying around the pond. Now the big trees have been felled and the laurels cut back the next step will be to start dredging. But before that there was lots that needed some attention.

So lots of branches and debris was cleared. Weeds and plants were pulled up. The front fence was sanded and prepared for repainting. Debris was removed from the pond and the sides. Stones and cobbles were removed from where the dredging would be done and put to one side to use later. Decent branches were kept aside ready to use for wildlife encouragement once major works have been done.

Twenty plus people put in a lot of hours and the end result is a much neater pond. Another pond tidy up day will be in August before the dredging starts later that month.

working at the back of the pond.
.back of the pond before clearup
from the front of the pond. lots of work going on